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TPBM got...

What a coincidence. I was thinking of The Moon. And I picked the same card I have been thinking.

The immense thoughts are the sides tgat reflects underneath. Your deep thoughts are the cause of your uptake. Failing to realize the shadow thoughts or the shallow thoughts through the superficial thought/instinct can mean a terminal failure. Be careful of the scopion hidden underneath.
I would say that I do get Moon-related issues but the situation is not quite in the way you described it though! Thank you for the reading nonetheless.

TPBM got Four of Swords
Rest and recollect yourself. This is how you learn to read the patterns of the situations that you're in. It's likely that once you withdraw yourself from the noise, you can spot its motif and work on the appropriate solution. But, above all, don't burn out yourself at the moment.
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