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Originally Posted by RavenOfSummer View Post
Hello! Wondering if anyone has been following any news on the Druid Plant Oracle the last couple of years. From what I can see they are currently out of print, not sure for how long, and the copies available on eBay etc seem to go for quite high amounts. HOWEVER, I just saw someone say in a trade group on Facebook that this deck is getting reprinted. I tried to dig around a little on line, but couldn't find any source for or confirmation of that statement.

So, does anyone know if this deck is indeed being reprinted? And if so when? That would be great news!
Well, we heard it was being reprinted back in 2014, and it came back into stock briefly after that. I'm not sure about any printings after that though. The shop listed early in this thread is out of stock now, but they're your best bet for finding out about another printing, since they own the rights.
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