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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
I love Benebel's too - an absolute triumph - but it's so heavy and I often wished I could take it with me to the park and sit under a tree reading - so I bought it on kindle and it has no detailed contents and so you just CAN'T find your way around it like you would with the book.
Concerning the Kindle version of Benebell's great book: I highlight subtitles and add notes paragraphs that help me find again what I find important. Go to - notes appears next to the content. In a way, it's like adding your own table of contents. It's not ideal but it helps.

And it seems I'll have to add Tarot Wisdom to my ever-expanding tarot library.... ETA: I see that I have it on my Kindle but didn't read it yet! That's what I will do now.
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