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Originally Posted by LadyKathryn View Post
I could use this!
7 of pentacles : someone is itching to get their hands dirty and Into the dark rich soil (hahaha auto correct tried to make this SOUL) so that sticks too. Connect with earth you'll connect with soul.
FB: Considering my wooziness, I would need the grounding. 😂 Herb gardening here I come!

TPBM got Ten of Wands
You have an above average grit to handle the adversities thrown at you. You might not believe that right now but if you listen beyond the voices in your head (or even those around you!) that are filled with pessimistic & uninspired dread, you'll find a steady beam of determination.

This isn't a time to give in yet (contrary to what the card would usually say) and yes, you might have to push harder than usual but the card senses that by doing so, you'll reach heights that you never thought you could before. 🔥
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