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Jug - Chair Empty - Cracked Cup
Lighthearted, carefree time because of dissatisfaction leaving my life

Hand - Yoke - Dolphin
In need of help/assistance with feeling tied down/frustrated pertaining to financial gain.

Scissors - Carriage - Ring
Disappointment in a journey about a relationship (business or romantic)

Dog close up - Egg - Shark
Pleasure with a close friend because of successful plans incur material loss.

Club - Rabbit - Cobweb
club-doing something against your better judgement
cobweb-Protection against negative energy
Doing something against your better judgement pertaining to sex, but you are protected from negative energy.

Quill - Fly - Grapes
Quill- foundation, getting back to the basics.
Fly-illness, depression, re-evaluate lifestyle
Grapes- Time to go out and have fun, break from routine

Chain - Mule - Wreath - Wall
Chain- events that will affect your life.
Mule- Someone is extremely stubborn and unwilling to change, being stubborn and rigid in your/their view.
Wreath- sorrow over a loss
Wall- misunderstanding, up to me/person to reconcile

Grasshopper - Whale - Goldfish - Inkpot
Grasshopper- situation in the balance that require careful handling.
Whale- Great worry over nothing
goldfish- increase in material wealth or spiritual wealth
inkpot- problems to be resolved, need to face the problems

Vase - Spear - Torch
vase- secret admirer
spear- heartache over what you no longer have.
torch- spiritual development, enlightenment, awareness, understanding, everything will become clear

The last weeks of February was about letting someone go and accepting that it's just not meant to be. In addition... I had some financial problems, but the problem was resolved.

Feather - Kangaroo - Leg
feather- someone you know is undependable, insincere, be careful who you trust.
kangaroo- unsettle times, scattered attention, make sound plans
leg- stepping into a new experience
Not sure what this is....but I was making plans and stepping into a new experience. I was making sound plans so that I was sincere and dependable...I didn't want to spend my money in the wrong way.

Stork - Sun - Teardrop
news of a birth or a new business opportunity
happiness and well being
great personal sorrow, tears
I might have been in a bad mood this week. Also had an argument about a new business venture.

Dog Far Away - Turkey - Fire
distant friend is thinking of you.
someone behaving stupidly, being affected by stupidity
strong emotions. passionate love or hate
I think dog far away is that I hired a career counselor who lived in another state and I had to talk to this person through skype. I was nervous and had strong emotions.. so I was flush. In addition it was a time to look what I passionately hate or love.

Tower - Boot - Pig - Clouds
solid foundation, success with effort
increase your efforts if you want to achieve your goals
beware of greed
temporary problems
Not sure what this is yet.

**I'll translate theme the week before. See how well this method works**
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