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crib- Birth or conception of a child or enterprise (maybe even could be seen as home like that slang word crib)
Teapot- Deep friendship with someone of the same sex
Ram- A stubborn aggressive person
Table- Hard work ahead
Kangaroo- Unsettled times. Need to plan ahead.

This week looks like it involves housing there may be struck up with someone of the same sex who is a very stubborn/aggressive person. It will require a lot of hard work ahead and I need to plan ahead.
Business will be a focus this week and it will tie in with someone of the same sex who is stubborn/aggressive (or a taurus) with much hard work and need to plan ahead.

Got into a major argument with someone of the same sex who happens to be a aggressive *also taurus* person.

Wedge-Someone is trying to come between you and a friend or something you want.
Skull-Hidden secrets can harm you
Well-Family wishes come true
Caterpillar-Things will not always be this way. A change is coming.
Wheel-Indecisiveness. Allowing your life to ramble aimlessly

Not sure who this is... but It could be that There is a third party that was kept secret which is harmful to the wishes I have. This will require a change that leaves me feeling like I am wandering aimlessly.

Got into a major argument with someone of the same sex who happens to be a aggressive *also taurus* person. Just a continuation of it.

Heart- Love, deep affection, and caring
Gavel-Involvement with the law/judgment
Younger Man- Dealing or relationship with a younger man
Lily-spiritual love
Cane-Pay attention to your health. physical support, getting help for balance

Love, care, deep affection needs boundaries/rules set with a younger man who I may have a connection with. But, I need to pay attention to my well being.

All I can guess this is was that I prayed a lot for this week.

Tiger-Doing something risky. Taking a chance
Dog(far away)A distant friend is thinking of me
Barrel-You feel something is lacking in your life; perhaps love, money, or goals.
Dark woman- Dealing or relationship with a woman with dark complexion or hair.
Moon-changes in your life

Taking a chance about a friend who is distant who I feel is lacking in my life Dark woman may be me because I have dark hair and my skin isn't pale. This makes me change my life.

Not sure what this is yet.
I didn't really study for an assessment...and took a risk. But passed.
(not sure of the rest yet.)

29-May 1st
Grapes-Time to go out and have fun
Flag-Do not be tempted to lower your standards
Gong-An exciting event
Mountain Road-You are on the road to success
Scales- Keep your life in balance

I took some time away to enjoy myself. Drove to the beach...swear should be a daily thing for me because bodies of water refuel me. But we did hear some sad stuff...fraud...

This could just all be about lightening up whatever I feel has been weighing me down and holding me back. May even indicate succeeding at some work related stuff.
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