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Originally Posted by AraLuck View Post
Rx 2 Wands + King Pents

There's someone, an earth sign or man with dark features you're not able to see past. You're pretty stuck on him and are unable to move forward.

Q: Progress for my startup over the next month?
FB: Yeah there's someone with dark features who I've been struggling to get over. I've made a lot of progress recently with letting go and I feel like I've been doing a good job of moving on. Hopefully nothing happens to set me back but at this point... I don't think much can.

8 of Pentacles/6 of Cups

It looks like progress will be slow and steady, this is positive because your attention to the little details will make sure you have a solid base to build on and a stronger start up. I also see you receiving help out of good will from someone who has faith in you regardless of your experience.

Q: What is D feeling for me now?
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