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Originally Posted by The_Hydra View Post
FB: Yeah there's someone with dark features who I've been struggling to get over. I've made a lot of progress recently with letting go and I feel like I've been doing a good job of moving on. Hopefully nothing happens to set me back but at this point... I don't think much can.

8 of Pentacles/6 of Cups

It looks like progress will be slow and steady, this is positive because your attention to the little details will make sure you have a solid base to build on and a stronger start up. I also see you receiving help out of good will from someone who has faith in you regardless of your experience.

Q: What is D feeling for me now?
FB: Looks good! 6 Cups can also be a soulmate card and I am indeed requesting his help to proceed with this venture. Looks like he will do it finally quite lovingly

Your Q: 10 Swords + 9 Cups

D is feeling the pain of being without you, although he may think he's enjoying it and looking like he is on the surface. But deep down, there are dark thoughts and he's suffering but not allowing these to show as yet and being quite immature about the whole situation, since the overall energy is Sun, so I would say just being childish.

Mine: What may I know of my soul contract with SC?
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