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Cue cartoon factory music...

Snowy day today, going to be snowed in (and snowed on, if I go outside).

So doing the assembly line thing once again. Thought you might like a sneak peek at some of the blingy extras for Papyrus Gold, and a glimpse of how both sets are looking (so far, not done yet!)

The deck bands are made from authentic papyrus. It was fun making them. Well, it was fun designing them. After making hundreds of anything it ceases to be fun at some point...but they look really cool!

I've attached some pictures of the gold extras, the bands, some work in progress, and both the regular and gold editions. Both the regular edition and the gold edition have a gold cartouche on the customizable significators, so everyone gets some bling!

In the final stages, these will be coming [I]very[I] soon!
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