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I'm in! I haven't read the book as I have gotten away from book reading as life has gone on. I find that most of my work is more experiential and can't be found in chapters and such.

But I am always interested in chatting about the use of the cards outside of pure divination as I feel they can do so much more- really it is a damn shame to keep them relegated just to that.

Did a spectacular working with my Pagan Otherworlds deck on the last new moon and still have the cards up from it- there is a very different space and feel when using the cards to project energy rather than just soaking it in for receptive purposes- and some decks just work better for that than others.

It was my first time using the Pagan Otherworlds for that purpose- and I have to say it worked extremely well. I am thinking of doing it with my other decks and seeing which do well with actual work versus which fill in more for simple cartomancy purposes.

Let me know if you start a thread on the general topic- would be happy to join in the discussion!
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