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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Thanks, Michael. I remember that thread; looks like it went dormant back in early 2015, but the subject is still relevant to this discussion. I did take a few of Crowley's I Ching comments ("peculiar," as you previously put it, seems about right) and build them into the table I created, but I did nothing systematic with it because he seemed kind of scatter-shot, rambling around the subject and cherry-picking what suited his purpose.
Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
I remember this thread too. I got the I Ching book translated by Wilhelm thanks to the thread. The book was good, and I used with the court cards, which gave deeper and richer meanings in certain occasions where needed.

But in general and daily spreads, I see the court cards as just elemental energy. I also use the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick by DuQuett which has the I Ching symbols on the court cards.
I'm glad that you guys took some inspiration from that thread. The idea was a detailed discussion of connections between the court cards and their associated hexagrams. It didn't develop very far, but maybe it can be revived? Please post any insights you may have gotten into this topic there.
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