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Originally Posted by Genna View Post
Lenormand Oracle, the deck used in Rana Georgeīs book (alhough it is large, so not for GT), I love it though, for itīs old-fashioned charm.It has large piquet card inserts, good for learning. Gilded Reverie Lenormand is maybe the most beautiful in a handy box.
Mysterious Lenormand is so sweet, with an animal on every card, painted in egg-tempera, and wih a book you buy on the side wih a meaning for every combination of the cards, and lots of good advice.No piquet-card references, but astrological references.
Blue Bird Lenormand is so beautiful, and has the piquecards with oil painings for court cards, and verses that make sense,that it was the only reason I started to study Lenormand. Look a the beauiful spaniel, and the heart!
hi, is i possible to use Lenormand Oracle for the house position due to the size of the deck?

I'm looking another deck to work 2 deck together. one of my deck , the bright side of clouds is opposite of other deck.

i will check those deck out. thank-you.
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