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Originally Posted by decan View Post
It is a classical deck but the drawings are harmonious and detailed, finely made; as well for the playing cards included (with medieval and renaissance characters in the depicted images).
The verses in every card are in french, my native language.
I like the dondorf as well, but I find this deck more studied. The back of the cards is as well for my taste.
I think it is a whole!

ETA: well, I can't really say that the Daveluy is more studied than the Dondorf, this would be very unfair.
Actually I am a fan of the Daveluy, there is an irrational part in this, I admit it, it's a bit like to be a fan of such and such rock star
hi, i checked ur- deck, what is the heart image on the laft side for ?

the images looks very simple to read.
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