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Originally Posted by EightWands View Post
That's disappointing. Lovers card does indeed look too much like Strength. Lovers card is my go-to in any deck, to decide if I want to purchase it or not. This kind of ruined it for me.
I just got the deck. Lovers and Strength both show a woman and a lion and are VERY different cards. It works. And Love is NOT bestiality oriented, it REALLY isn't.

I rather like the deck, though have a few reservations - not least the card stock - FAR too thick. I don't mind the extreme gloss. I could have lived without Transformation for Death, and Patience for Temperance, and as for Temptation fro Devil - I suppose it's what you have to expect from Hay House, though; I can't say I was surprised. "Call" for Judgement is interesting, though.
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