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Got it. Hay House. Death - Transformation - why am I not surprised ?

On the plus side, I pre-ordered it and in between times it went down in price by 7. I always like that in a deck

The stock is too heavy. Some of the collage is dodgy - 7 of Fire, for instance, where there is no way the unicorn wouldn't have fallen off the rock, and the Page of Air's hair is - well, just no, not even on a bad hair day. Someone had issues with Love (=Lovers) but I think it's fine. It is absolutely NOT depicting bestiality.

But it is actually a lot better than I feared - though I really do HATE the thickness of the cards.

ETA no, now I am angry. She barely credits the artist at all The ONLY credit is in the booklet. "Interior illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia". The ONLY illustrations are - the cards. So Jena did the cards, I assume. Colette should SAY so, in BIG LETTERS. That's RUDE. I googled Jena's art and I'm sure I'm right here - not least because on HER site she mentions it. (and on her site those who have been asking can see more cards. )
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