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Thanks! I can't say for sure now…
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6 of Swords
The energy here is too low key/depressed so not angry ....they might feel resigned or possibly lethargic (is that possible ? I guess it might be if whatever this is is not happening to your child ? ) I'm thinking that as the 6 comes from the defeat of the 5 maybe they feel there is nothing they can do (hence resigned) - that said, base was 2 of Wands so it's possible that at least one parent (perhaps two) has thought of setting something in motion in relation to this - but it's still only a thought. Hope you find some answers soon !

QU: Can I find a workable solution to this issue on my own ? (SAFI)
King of wands
If you channel the energy of this king yes, otherwise it suggests bringing in the help of someone who is a pro/expert on this (or anyone you know that can be described as this king)

Is it a wise move to ask for other parents' help to confirm the truth? (To ensure the plan doesn't backfire on us)
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