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Originally Posted by euripides View Post
Hi Kayanne, though I've read the Bible, I don't know much about Christian practice. If you are comfortable with doing so, would you like to talk a little more about what these things mean to you? When do you pray a rosary, are they always the same prayers? (what is 'etc'? Do you say grace at meals?)
I love talking about these things! It's rote prayers when I pray the rosary, not necessarily the same ones every time but I choose from prayers that are available. Communion is the biggest thing for me, as I believe it to be the body and blood of Jesus as in literally and I feel that it gives me energy to live out my life when I partake of it weekly at church. I actually don't say grace at meals I'm not sure why except that it seems cheesy and like something the fundamentalists do. I was raised fundamentalist and reject it now. Tarot is also a part of my spiritual toolbox even though most Christians shun it.
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