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I ordered this yesterday after extensive dithering, as I now have a specific purpose in mind.

The positive affirmation thing isn't a problem for me as I'm apt to lean negative anywhere it's possible . It's more of a concern when the positive cards aren't demonstrably positive.

Am fine with the name changes, except for Temperance to Patience which doesn't make sense to me. Aside from being a rather odd choice of word, surely Temperance would have worked perfectly within this deck anyway. If it's a question of unfamiliar vocabulary, then moderation or balance would make more sense to me <shrugs>. I probably won't see the title after a few uses anyway.

I think the artwork is lovely and I very much appreciate HH's production value/price ratio. Am hoping the combination of this deck and one of my tough love, kick up the rear decks will help get me unstuck from the mud.
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