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This is a lovely topic and such a pleasure to read through everyone's spiritual tools! Thank you for creating it!

Here are mine: Nature. Trees, woods in particular, with bubbling brooks and meandering streams, birds, wild critters of all sorts, sun, clouds, wind, snow, leaves, acorns, pinecones. This is my world. Beloved tarot and oracle decks, a jasper skull, my bone runes, fairy themed prayer beads, Bear, Owl and Fox Zuni fetishes, nalebinding needle for marking and even using as a wand if necessary, garnet and turquoise, a small set of dice, an icon and a statue of Thor and Odin, my favourite rattles. Contemplative prayer, divination, mindfulness, journeying, journaling, poetry, quiet time for reflection and dreams, connecting with the fae and a smathering of books. These are the essence of my being, my soul, my spirituality.
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