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There are 55 pages of general stuff - but not all is tarot; there is also a fair bit about myths, symbols and sexuality (The Yoni Yantra). Then there are very detailed descriptions / background to the majors (the Greater Secrets) - pages 58-135 - a brief discussion of what the minors are "used for" as you might say - and about a page on each of the minors (pages 141-225) followed by a massive bibliography. And yes, well written and scholarly. I'd say it is just what you are looking for.

I would add that my copy cost me a mere $8 CDN in an occult store where they also sell used stuff, two years ago. Hermit's Lamp, in Toronto. He often has stuff that isn't on the website - it's worth asking. (And I see there are very reasonable ones on abe, too. Unless you WANT new, specially ? ISBN is 9780062509277)

My book is dated 1984; the deck as listed here says 1986. The book, however, does say top contact US Games for "a complete set of cards based on the artwork by Barbara G Walker." So it looks as if you may be right there.
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