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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
There are 55 pages of general stuff - but not all is tarot; there is also a fair bit about myths, symbols and sexuality (The Yoni Yantra). Then there are very detailed descriptions / background to the majors (the Greater Secrets) - pages 58-135 - a brief discussion of what the minors are "used for" as you might say - and about a page on each of the minors (pages 141-225) followed by a massive bibliography. And yes, well written and scholarly. I'd say it is just what you are looking for.

I would add that my copy cost me a mere $8 CDN in an occult store where they also sell used stuff, two years ago. Hermit's Lamp, in Toronto. He often has stuff that isn't on the website - it's worth asking. (And I see there are very reasonable ones on abe, too. Unless you WANT new, specially ? ISBN is 9780062509277)

My book is dated 1984; the deck as listed here says 1986. The book, however, does say top contact US Games for "a complete set of cards based on the artwork by Barbara G Walker." So it looks as if you may be right there.
As always, you've been such a huge help, gregory. Complete and detailed answers that just about answered my questions. You've helped with some of my previous queries too, so lots of thanks!

And welp, this book just fell in my shopping cart along with the Walker deck, I just hope they find their way into our islands before the monsoon comes. Something tells me this deck is going to land in my all-time faves.
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