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Originally Posted by EmceeDirector View Post
You are very welcome!

Wow. Shuffled the cards and got the King of Pentacles again!
It's a positive I would say yes. Expect to hear from him
regarding a date for the talk! One weird thought much as he
was the Knight of Swords in one of your other questions (which can also denote action on his part), the fact that the King of Pentacles (which represented you in another question) came up again could indicate that you may be the one who has to initiate the date for the call. Keep me posted if you don't mind...I would love to know how this one turns out!!

Should I continue my current job since it provides me so much time to explore Tarot?
Strange you mention that lol because he's very slow so I was happy to see the Knight of Swords for a change...he usually comes as King of Coins

Tower might be that you're getting too comfortable with the job and might need to shake things up a bit, so this card can mean that change is inevitable

Q> Is it right time to suggest we talk this weekend?
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