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Just my thoughts on the Ancient Lenormand

First, well done, Reall.

My positive comments are:

LIKE THE SIZE - I prefer smaller cards as opposed to larger. Easier to shuffle and handle

CARDSTOCK - again very nice and love the "aged" sepia tone

SIMPLE SYMBOLS - I like you look at the image, you know what it is instantly

Things I would have preferred a bit differently, if you ever do a second edition (which i would BUY!) -

Some images take up most of the card, others are a bit small and don't pop quite as much, so all images taking up more of the card.

Contrast - some outlines are really dark, some aren't. Some are big, some are small.

And the only other thing, is most seem kind of vintage, yet one like the Mountain is very dark and an abstract Mountain. It would be cool if all were either more vintage looking drawings. THESE are minor things, OVERALL really like the style, simplicity and cardstock, but SHOULD you do another edition....just some things I hope you consider.

WELL DONE OVERALL, REALL! And these were just my thoughts, we all have preferences. It is a great deck.
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