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The LWB is beautiful and in colour, but doesn't go into much depth. It does show the details on each card - the numbers are lamen-based angel numbers (one of the additional cards and the LWB show the lamen. The Hebrew letters show the divine names - I didn't dive into that topic yet at all but I do notice that the divine names in Hebrew letters and the angel names in Latin letters suit. They start with the same syllable, and the angel get either the syllable -ya or -el, both of which are divine names.

I think Robert Place explains somewhere that you can use three dice for tarot readings without dice - again, this is something I'll have to sit and work out one day.

It's a very nice deck, and it has extra cards (like the Tabula Mundi). A very beautiful Tree of Life, a lamen card, and extra cards that allow you to stack the deck the way you want it: Adjustment/Justice and Strength/Lust, and the tzadi/he cards are double, too. So the deck works with either RWS or Thoth, which is great.

On their website, the artists offer pdf files of the additional material, including a longer version of the LWB, where you can get the explanations for the card faces.
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