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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
4 of Cups - Ace of Wands

There may be a flicker of progress in the month of June, given the stubborn dog-in-a-manger 4 of cups (I'm taking this to be KM) it won't be easy, and the impetus/catalyst for change would need to come from you - some *push* (like lighting a fuse ??) to get the others attention....

QU: What do I need to take into account going forward ?
Knight of pentacles + knight of swords

You're imperious, but if someone hurts you this cannot be ignored. Maybe there's no way forward in a certain situation, as much as you'd hope for answers. With hard work and determination you can try but there would be an element of delusion in a way, and you need to keep grounded and centered to see the situation as it truly is. Two knights tho, anything can be achieved but it just might be difficult to balance those energies.

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