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Originally Posted by think View Post
Knight of pentacles + knight of swords

You're imperious, but if someone hurts you this cannot be ignored. Maybe there's no way forward in a certain situation, as much as you'd hope for answers. With hard work and determination you can try but there would be an element of delusion in a way, and you need to keep grounded and centered to see the situation as it truly is. Two knights tho, anything can be achieved but it just might be difficult to balance those energies.

How is my economics essay I submitted yesterday?
6 of Swords - The Fool

In terms of a grade you have done enough to get yourself across to the other side (so pass) but the Fool makes me think you may be (blissfully) ignorant of some point that you haven't grasped or some pit fall you may have fallen into (how familiar are you with this material/topic ? Did you plan your *route* well enough ? ) Let me know later how wrong I am !

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