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omg i am so happy someone mentioned that threshold!

i often wonder if he is about to free himself from the burden? he could be kicking the stick/rail out of the way. or is it an edge of something? a threshhold? it's like the edge of a step but at the end of a ramp or hill.

also he is looking down and i can't tell if he is looking into the where the sticks cross or if he has a clear view of the ground right beneath him and thus has a perfectly clear look at that line/threshold below him and knows things are going to get easier after this final step.

and can anyone explain what the red cylinder thing above his left foot is? is it a short stick? that has always baffled me. is that another obstacle in the path? is that what is going to knock him over? is it his bag? what is it?

and i have always wondered if this line isn't a threshold and if his attention is right there isn't he going to have a clear path here on out. because the ground is flat after this step. it doesn't seem like it would be the first time he walked this path.

anyway thanks for bringing this up! that threshold/stick and that red thing at his left foot have always perplexed me. and i guess that is the point. it allows so many ways to read the card.
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