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LS Tarocchino Mitelli

After a long wait, this beauty finally made its appearance:

Tarocchino Mitelli by Lo Scarabeo

It only has 62 cards, since all the pips numbered 2 to 5 were stripped from all the four suits (hence the "tarocchino" tag). This one's firmly on my list tho, and when it gets released it goes straight to my hands. I did notice that it would be available by late October, a mere three weeks after the Sola Busca. I just hope that it won't get delayed like the latter.

It seems like Lo Scarabeo is having a banner year. I would definitely complete their Anima Antiqua line, and I'm even thinking of buying spares. I have a feeling that starting late this year, my Tarot acquisitions would be entering a classical phase, and that it would continue for quite some time. I'm salivating at the thought.
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