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Not quite on the mark for Bipolar outside of restoring health

Originally Posted by Rachx View Post
Hi there I'm wondering if it points to a bit of bipolar ? I am just going on a note I have somewhere and could be well off the mark ***
bipolar really isn't "feelings" it's a chemical imbalance that produces extremes in feelings/energy and mental perceptions. As 6/Pents is about bringing imbalance into balance, I don't think it would quite fit unless it was about a bipolar person going on to certain meds that were making them better. Pents having to do, literally, with health.

Pents also don't quite work for bipolar because they're more about "social" feelings--like generosity or guilt, pride or shame. Bipolar is elation/depression.

Usually the cards that indicate something of that sort of emotional "imbalance" you'll see in Cup cards, which can also signal swings between depression/elation, or Wand cards, which are signal swings between abundance of energy or lack of energy.
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