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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
6/Pents would certainly indicate those feelings. The receiving of money by the beggar may be something he doesn't want to announce, and if the one giving the money is socially aware (Pents are about social feelings), then he will not boast about his generosity. True generosity--the best interpretation of this card--is that the giver dispenses his gift privately and allows the receiver to accept without feeling any shame. The giver, also, feels fortunate that he can help someone, not like he's doing them a favor.

So, you can read this card as a very delicate exchange with a lot of "social" feelings. Meaning the person may feel shame and very private. Willing to open up and receive, but only because they feel its very necessary.
Thank you!

Yes, they are very private. They rarely open up, and when they do it's in a joking manner or subtle hints that no one understands. They'd much rather listen than talk.
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