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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
The King of Cups is one of the Court Cards that I feel a close affinity to, and I will take TPAM's advice to heart.



Knight of Cups Rx

TPBM can be very charming, gregarious, and attractive, and has no compunction in using these to your advantage. It has led you and your targets to trouble before, tho in the end you usually escape none the worse for wear. Still you are going to try to improve and make yourself more accountable before something truly disastrous happens.
LOL!!! Spot on too. Ask my two guardians how I obtained them. IF... they are willing to mention, ever, that is. >_<. The reason I've met them in spirit because they had to fly all the way around the globe just to stop my spiritual work, (I was not doing them the usual way) and then they stayed uptil this milisecond to make sure I do not create another one lol.

I had no idea and still do not have the full idea why my magick training failed THIS badly, I busted two astral altars. One being mine, the other somebody else. Events of humorous valuw happened and my ritual failed always, because of that. The Qabalistic Cross ritual I could not even complete it.. still. But luckily, nothing worst, both physically and mentally, happened so far and I am grateful I felt SO much better practicing magick.

The person below me -- Thoth tarot
Left (hidden) - Sun rv
Right (apparent) - 5 of cups rv -- dark projection
Result - 4 of disk rv

The love of the life was always the fuel of the things you do but you had been struggling severely on how to deal with all those shortcomings of anything that you did. The profound strike due to a recent event left your sun flipped upside down, shinning bright as a sun should be, while being unable to project anymore of its light, at all.

This spread also has its positive meaning. If you can overcome the shortcomings then power will be back to you. Giving your control over the wrong hands is something that is not wise at all. It is always best that you avoid giving the wrong person the wrong thing than you gojng back and regain it from him or her again
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