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Week Ahead: May 20-27

Ram: A stubborn, aggressive person
Dog: Protection from a powerful friend
Windchimes: Peace and harmony
Wreath: Sorrow over a loss
Key: Successful outcome to your problems

Ram sounds like a high probability at work tomorrow. I work with people who are best described as stubborn and aggressive. However, some friends of mine will also be there, and they are friends who protect me from the stubborn aggression. So those two are work.

ETA: Pretty much exactly this happened. Work was stupid, there was stubbornness, and my friends helped to make it ok.

Peace and harmony, while being my day today, could also describe how it's a long weekend here. So I have more time for peace than I usually might. I also have an extra day off this week, which provides for more downtime.

ETA: the 8 hours of work that I thought that I was doing has been cut in half.

I've been struggling with sorrow over a loss lately; this month is the month that my dad died in some years ago. So it makes sense that it's colouring my outlook this week. However, as we head into the end of May perhaps that will become less of a significant factor in my day-to-day life. I'm also growing more comfortable at work (at my newer job) which could also be a part of Key. Perhaps this card signifies that my newer job will go quite smoothly this week!

ETA: Well, my new job went smoothly. I'm also experiencing the Wreath in that I started on a new personal project (a subset of a larger one) that's all about loss and it's taking quite a toll on me. It's full of grief and sadness and there is some anger too. Perhaps Key is that, for now, that project is being laid to rest temporarily.
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