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Originally Posted by Pami619 View Post
Four of Pentacles, possibly a little.

Can you tell me why you don't use reversals in yes or no thread using only one card.
For example you can get Empress if you're asking yes or no for beign pregnant but if it was reversed it was possible that you aren't.

Is something of friends with benefits going to develop between A and S or stay same?
I don't want to change my style I don't do reversals I've never read them even when I get reading and people use it I don't understand, each card has negative and positive connotations I can relate to them easily without reversals for me Ace is a clear yes etc..
For eg. for me without reversals 4 of coins for my previous question would be a no, as this guy is holding on tight to what he has....not disclosing but I accept your interpretation just saying if someone asked me same and I got that card I'd say no

Queen of coins
No it seems like the woman is too grounded or traditional for that kinda thing

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