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Originally Posted by Noni View Post
I don't want to change my style I don't do reversals I've never read them even when I get reading and people use it I don't understand, each card has negative and positive connotations I can relate to them easily without reversals for me Ace is a clear yes etc..
For eg. for me without reversals 4 of coins for my previous question would be a no, as this guy is holding on tight to what he has....not disclosing but I accept your interpretation just saying if someone asked me same and I got that card I'd say no

Queen of coins
No it seems like the woman is too grounded or traditional for that kinda thing

Q> Will we communicate this Monday

I get the three of cups- I believe it's more likely Wednesday, evening if I'm going with my instinct here.

Will we talk next week? (I'm thinking a week from now) but I'm not sure
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