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The Sasuraibito Tarot and Rosetta Papyrus + Rosetta in a tin were waiting for me when I got home . It's all so gorgeous I can't even.

An absolute miracle that my Rosettas are alright as the package looked like it had been run over by a truck! I mean literally... there are track marks.

The tin is dented on the lid, but I'm reasoning that it was bound to end up that way after a long while knocking around in my bag, so they're just pre-aged The Papyrus survived with just a little ding to the cardboard box lid which really is a miracle.

Infinite, well deserved props to MM for her bubble wrapping skills, as both decks should have been pancaked by whatever godawful thing the postal service did to them. I think I'll actually shoot her an email now to thank her.
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