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Originally Posted by WolfSwan View Post
Ooh this looks fantastic. I've never had any luck when I've tried this for myself, so I would like to see if you can get any messages for me?
Your message wolfswan....

"Start by knowing yourself first, only then will there be a chance of knowing who you really are, until then you need to just be a complete species of yourself and your higher self is your life call.

Enabling what doesn't arrive immediately to transpire within time.

South west avoid.

Keep moving forward.

Take nothing back you can't handle, its in your benefit.

Take time also, the love you desire this is understandable regarding your past.

Dont let your heart get broken by the wrong guy, beware of guys who will do you harm.

They can sense your desperation and this is your doing.

Be true, don't obey orders (.........?) others.

I like you your a good soul and body.

Can you remember a time when you stood still for once ? this you need to do, inner work is what you need, don't avoid it keep this with you.

Times a healer not a spell, dont use this against yourself, time will pass before your eyes.

Enough for now.



God may."
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