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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
Yes im just practising at least for now, to see whats forming or not or what i need to develop with.

Your message "Shouldn't have asked that question as you know the outcome don't you.

Don't be alarmed by what i say to you....

He comes to you he goes, he's the (?) the sayings ? is not fair on you, you deserve more and you know it.

Something me with you for i need space as well as (?) in you.

There is a part i resist from your (?) this will not change for now.

Be yourself please not someone your not. Give me space.

Im not yours even though one day id like to be, but not now as i have work to do on myself that doesn't involve you.

Don't cry or hate me because of this, its not your fault.

Give me space, cant be true now.

Interesting - I do hesitate to ask questions, because I know he doesn't believe in this stuff.

I think both of us are holding back.

I definitely need space, and I also don't feel like I'm being me. I'm pretty crass and rough naturally and when I meet new people I hold that part back so people don't get offended.

Interesting that his words ask for space, I've taken no steps towards him. Perhaps something to look for in future.

I think this reading is highly relevant and you must've connected well. If not with him, then definitely with me. This does read quite rightfully on my position at present.
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