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Originally Posted by druidess View Post
Hello! So I just met someone with very similar placements to mine and wondering if there's any significance to this. Is having too many of the same planets in the same sign a bad thing?

We have our mars/jupiter/saturn/uranus/neptune/pluto/lilith/ceres/pallas/juno/vesta/fortune/north node & our mc is opposite of one another. Our degrees and houses I believe are different as well as sun/moon/rising. Although, I have a cap rising/leo moon & he has a leo rising/cap moon.

It's almost creepy...

Any thought at all on this would be appreciated!
You need to remember that not all planets or asteroids move at the same pace. Uranus, for example, takes seven years to move through a sign, Neptune and Pluto take much longer, in Pluto's case it can take 20 years or more to move through a sign, though due to its eccentric orbit, it can move through some signs in around 15 years. The North Node moves through a sign in about 18 months, so if the person you met was born within eighteen months of you, then it won't be at all surprising that you share all those placements by sign.

Of more significance is the Sun/Moon reversal in your charts and the opposing MCs. But you miss out the more important placements of Mercury through to Saturn and these count much nore than the outers or asteroids, or even the Nodes and the rising sign counts more than any other point, as it fixes the reference point of your charts.
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