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My best friend and I have very similar charts. We were born a little over a month apart and on opposite coasts. We have the same AC/MC and stelliums in our sun sign with the majority of our inner planets. We both have 11H sun placements (She's a leo and I'm a Virgo) though my inner planets aren't in a tight conjunct to each other like hers. Same nodes and Vertexes both of which are conjunct one another (which isn't that wild since, again, same ASCs and all that). Different moon signs as well though, she's an Aries moon and I'm a Cancer moon. I don't know if there's much of a huge meaning just because of the many reasons that Minderwiz pointed out but we often time joke that she's the Hufflepuff version and I'm the Slytherin version

I think it's always neat to find things like that in the charts of people you know. It helps understand why you may getting very easily with some people while you may be probe to butting heads heavily with others.
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