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Horary - Will my business relaunch go well?

I haven't closed my business down but I've been slowly working on rebuilding it from scratch. I'm hoping to relaunch in the next month or so and did a chart to see if the relaunch would go well and be profitable. Now I'm not entirely sure what houses to look for so any help would be appreciated!

I'm Venus, my business is Saturn (I think). Just looking at this at a glance and it is... Not looking good. At all. I'm tucked in my 12H and my business is in my 8H. I'm also in detriment, not in a position to act and Saturn is retrograde.

If I turn the chart, that puts me in my company's third house of communication. It's an online webstore so this seems fitting since part of this has been trying to find a new service that fits my needs for less.

Now, with it turned, that puts Saturn in it's 11H. That seems pretty promising! It's ruler is in it's 9H in retrograde, so I'd be reintroducing it to the public at large.

After this, I'm a little at a loss over how to break this down. It's also incredibly late here so maybe getting some sleep will help
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