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Will Noni complete her degree ?

Querent = Capricorn = Saturn.

Moon's next conjunction in the chart is with the North Node - answer to question is Yes

Using whole sign 9th for the degree. 9th house = Virgo, significator being mercury.

Mercury is posited in the 2nd face of Taurus, Chaldean planetary influence being Moon. Mercury is posited in the 6th/7th duodenary sign of libra/scorpio, so here we then have mercury also colored by moon and venus/mars influences also.

This i would see as female influences in helping you achieve this degree, mars would be the drive that they give you in order to push you to finishing your degree.

Saturn is flowing towards mercury = +
Mercury is in its terms = +
Mercury flows towards lucky north node with the moon = +
Mercury is moving towards its ruler sign = +
Saturn will also start flowing towards the luckypart when it stations back direct at the end
of August.

Part of success = Aquarius, which is the 6th from the 9th. The moon flows towards the POS which is positive.

You have 5 +testimonies, so you will complete your Degree.

There will be help there and support in enabling you to do this.

Goodluck Noni and thanks for sitting.
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