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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
I felt your hug Noni lol

Yes great to read positive things for once, and this charts really great in regards to you getting great support and passing...when i was reading the chart i felt like these two females had you seated on a pillow and were carrying you, very supportive and caring and its there support that will get you through.

To do with Saturn at the end of August it's not a bad thing .....infact just liked back at the chart now and disregard that bit as saturn is already retrograding towards this point now.

Yes very happy for you Noni make sure you get your head down and get this degree completed now.
Thanks a bunch Sharla 🌹🌺 🌼
Leaving the degree was the biggest heartbreak of my life I had physical pain for weeks in my heart area, it broke me down quite a bit BUT I've been through a LOT to get this degree so I BETTER get it, I'll now have to work harder as I'll have to re-do some things but that's OK if it gets me the degree, it can change my life.

Appreciate your time and effort on this SO MUCH Sharla.
God bless you with your heart's desire

Best wishes
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