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Originally Posted by obeygravity View Post
Yes, saving money to move is about the only real thing I can do at the moment. Since I'm trying to make a coast to coast move, before I have that money, it'll be hard to really start doing more than that (i.e. look for an apartment, find a roommate, etc. etc.). It's been something that's been making me stressed, however, since I don't think I've ever planned a move that felt this up in the air in so many ways, so all I can do is keep planning and thinking forward and make necessary actions as they happen.

Do you read these delays as the ones I've encountered so far (I've already adjusted my moving date twice now) or potentially more on the horizon?

Yes, I'm back in my home town and the few people I genuinely liked have all moved away. Home situation also isn't ideal and highly stressful. Part of moving is because I miss having a place that was actually mine that I was able to craft into a home.

Yes, I broke my rule of not taking on any additional work this year to focus on my personal projects just so I could make more money to make the move go as smoothly as possible. It's a very big move so I need every penny that I can get. Part of why I'm waiting a bit longer is because I got invited to be a guest at a local event which could help me with making even more money to make the move go smoothly. I'm expecting to hit my goal with this coming month (which is ahead of schedule) and while I probably could move after hitting goal, I'm still trying to buy as much time to save even more just in case.

Thank you!! I'm really really hoping so. I'll certainly update you if/when I move
Are you a VIRGO ? very particular in how you do this move...everything needs to be just right lol, you sound a bit like my Virgo self.

Yes your wanting to save more and more, but you also need to start looking and getting prices etc, seeing whats out there or not and what you need or dont need.

Acting is needed now. Enough contemplating.


If you have your exact birthtime, i can do you a chart that tells you where you should move too....even if its just for fun

PM me your details if need be and ill open a thread with your chart but blot out the DOB.

This would be tomorrow though now i do this.
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