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A few Magic 8 ball chart readings available.

Basically you ask me a question that would be indicative of a YES or NO answer, i then cast a chart...but with the "magic 8 ball method" i use, this will only tell you a straight YES or NO....everything else in the chart is irrelevant.

I don't need background info for your question as i won't be reading anything into the chart.

Im needing feedback on these too, to see how their accuracy is.

I tried one last week for myself, and i've done one for someone else and both times they have been accurate.

So just quick questions.....and PLEASE don't bother trying to ask something you already know the answer to, to test this won't work. It HAS to be something you don't know the answer to.

I would if possible prefer questions where the answer will be manifesting quite soon.

And also NOT Q's like "will i meet my soulmate" or "will i ever become an Astronaut" keep things real please.

If your asking Q's like will X contact me....give a time frame with it.
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