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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post

Hey Noni.

1st Question:

Your Professor and thesis is indicative of the 9th house, as Sun is the lord of this house, then this is giving you a BIG FAT YES.

Actually im a little hit and miss with this one, as i wasn't sure whether to use the 9/7/9 which would also actually give you a yes.

BUT if i used 9th from 9th (professor/thesis) it would give you a NO.

I did just use the 9th ONLY to get you answer. But the reason why i did this was because moon and NN was in this house and moon flows towards the NN. (I know i said i wasn't reading the chart but this sort of gave me clarification.
WOW!!! this is AWESOME!!! News she said no earlier but recently I contacted her and she said she will do whatever she can to help but I need to wait for 4 weeks (now 3 I think) before she can confirm as she has some pressing circumstances. So I'm worried....but just got an email from her she said she'll call me Wednesday to talk to me about lets see. I'll let you know as soon as she comes on board officially as of now, it seems a bit in-between.

Thanks a bunchh Sharla
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