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OK, I see. If these are logic or verbal reasoning sheets (?) she may take a little while to work out how everything (I mean the question, the exercise) fits together - but she will. I actually saw building blocks in my mind when answering your question, but wasn't sure if you were asking about a child or not!

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These are printed black and white worksheets so it makes sense that she'll not have overwhelming feelings (unlike something colourful) but nice to know she won't reject them.

Ten of cups (Page of wands)
A good idea, you might discover something interesting and delightful.

What do I need to know about the next six months?
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You're going to decide to *kick some butt* (first thing I thought on turning the card !) You will be firm with other people and very organised in your own life - you will decide to take control and put yourself in a strong position.

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