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Originally Posted by Galadhwen View Post
The Star coming back at me! Thank you!

TPBM got Three of Pentacles
If you're having a business, the venture that you are working on show signs of progressions! Learn the important people that might be of use and learn from them, a good time to network if you're into that.

Spiritually, have a little trip back to nature to absorb those good energies. Maybe plant a tree or clean your environment.

I've been spending time walking in the park trying to cleanse my energy. My special someone is suffering and pushing me away in the process. It hurts immensely. Also being told that she can't handle the anxiety of hurting me rather sucks- when all she has to do is just talk to me.

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Go forward with confidence but beware of being a tyrant. Listen to the advice of those around. You
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