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Well I'm still trying to decide on a deck. I'm spending a week with my Tarot of Trees in the Deck of the Week group this week to get to know it a little better and decide if it might be a good option. I love its bright colors, so it feels summer-y to me in that way.

Other decks I'm considering are Celtic Wisdom (also brightly colored), the Goddess Tarot, Prisma Visions, and maybe Mystical Cats. I used Prisma Visions for the Yule group reading last year and it was just perfect...I do feel it's a bit more of a dark-season deck for me because of the dark backgrounds of the cards, but at the same time it has such a magical feel to me that it seems like a good choice for solstices and equinoxes in that sense.

It's a good thing I still have a couple weeks to decide!
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