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Originally Posted by Vejl View Post
Thanks for the fast response.
I would like to know if he will (when) contact me to talk about us, to resolve this situation, hopefully to reunite on much better basis. OR if there is at all chance to reunite.


Querent = Sun in 11th

Quesited = Saturn in his 11th This is something your both hoping for.

Moon conjuncting NN = (+) SN in 7th = (-)

Part of love = Cancer @ 10,19" sig - moon

Sun is in an elevated degree, this is good for you as even though your quite weak in your sign, this degree elevates you and gives you more strength. (+)
Also Sun is conjunct the fixed star of new beginnings, this is something you want.

Saturn retrogrades back towards the sun, also retrograding towards the moon and NN too. (+2)

Using the magic 8 ball method it would be a No (-)

POL is in your 1st house and Saturn retrogrades towards it, which is (+2) Moon is weak in its sign (-)

Positive testimonies outweigh the negative, so the answer is yes he does want to reconcile, and this could happen within the next 3 days.

Good luck
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