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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
A very cool spread; one question re. the Night of the Teardrop, is June 16 traditionally associated with the Isis and Osiris myth or was this just an available date? I know that the rising of Sothis is attributed to Isis and takes place in the summer. Asking as a devotee of Isis who is always excited to learn more about Her sacred calendar.
Hi Shade! Yes, June 16 specifically has been celebrated for Isis according to my research. I first came across this in the book "Moon Magick" by DJ Conway when I was doing research to create this spread. June 16 is the Night of the Teardrop, also known as the Feast of the Waters of the Nile. It is associated with the tears of Isis overflowing the Nile upon losing Osiris.

Would love to have you in our group reading next month, Shade
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